About me…

I’m Lucile, I’m 24 born in Lyon living in Paris.

Some would describe me as an eternal smiling face because when I smile I look like an apple even if everyone is misleading my origins by assuming I would come from an Eastern European Country because I have long hair, bright Grey/Green eyes and high cheeks I am originally from Italy (Mother side). This make me remember one time a friend who just returning back from a romantic gateway in Praha (Czech Republic) told me “Lucilleeeeeeeee!!!! Guess what? I saw your unknown twin in Praha this week end, I told you this must be part of your genetics somehow..

Anyways another important thing to know about me would be that I am deeply in Love with a man for about 4 years now. His name is Raphaël is also 24, half Lebanese half Armenian.

At school I was in the middle upper half level like you know when you love French, English and Spanish but you are struggling in Maths, Physics. If you are in the same position as me THAT’S OK you know what my love for foreign languages got me into an American Business School so I was passionate and devoted to my classes even if it was statistics or economics because they were taught in English. Thanks to my school I met some incredible people because 40% of the total students were foreigners. Now I have friends from all over the world American, Mexican, Russian, Bulgarian, Polish, Italian, African, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on…

First I specialized in Marketing working for one of the biggest cosmetic brand in the world then working in PR (Press Relations) in Fashion then for a famous luxury menswear german brand in Paris offices and now I am looking for my dream job in Communication. I will update you if I succeed 😀

I was so lucky so meet all these people, they made me who I am today and I will be forever grateful for that.

photo lucile new


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