Hair care routine!

I used to do awful stuff to my hair like dying it black, bleaching it blond (this was great by the way) but once I realized that I had lost half of my volume I started to get worried and stopped all my bad habits by going back to my natural hair. And trust me it’s hard!!! First you have to get rid of all the dead ends by a professional hairdresser then using a lot of different oils to make it grow fast and strong, I personally like coconut oil and ricin oil but also alma oil (an indian product). I have to tell you that it’s a long process but at the end it’s really worth it.

If you are like me and you hate going to the hairdresser to cut your length then I have a bad news for you you must cut it at least 3 cm by 3 cm but do a cure of vitamin in less than 4 month you will start to see a difference. I personally like to use Oenobiol pills (for hair & nails growth).

How to make a hair mask? Take a bowl (plastic or ceramic it doesn’t matter) add 3 Tbs of coconut oil, 1 or 2 tea spoon of ricin oil & 2 Tbs of Dabur Alma Oil (if you have it) and mix it to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

nota bene: If you don’t like the consistency of this mixture you can add 2 Tbs of Coconut milk.

How to apply it on your hair? I tried different ways throughout the years and the best way (for me) is to use a ball of cotton that you dip into the mixture commencing by applying onto your roots first and then moving to your lengths. Don’t forget to wear a shirt that you don’t mind staining or dedicate one towel that you will be using each time you do your hair mask.

How long it should stay in your hair? 3 hours minimum but I use to let it overnight for maximum effect. Go rince it off in the shower, I recommend 2 shampoo and 1 conditionner.

nota bene: If you are afraid that it will stain your sheets, use a plastic bag to protect it.

How often do you apply it on your hair? I would say once a week for better result but I did it once every two week because it’s a long process and let be honest it’s not very convenient when you are sleeping with your boyfriend (and also not very attractive ahahaha).

This is the best way to have long and healthy hair!



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