TOP 5 Beauty hacks

Hello everyone! I’m back this month with a beauty related article, and I may also be writing another at the end of the month… If you are not new to my blog and my instagram account, you already know that I am crazy about natural beauty DIYs and travels. One thing I learned through my friendships and my travels is that the entire world is full of crazy effective beauty hacks that need to be share to everyone! All my sources are either close friends, family members, famous beauty bloggers and youtubers and last but not least beauty DIY books.


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N°1: LEBANON (Hair hack & skin)

If you ever go to Beirut in your life, you will be shock like me by the lengths and the quality of Lebanese girls hair, I would say 75% of young women in Lebanon have long ad-worthy hair. I, as a long-hair lover I asked so many of my Lebanese friends how the hell they managed to grow their hair like that and most of the answers were just genetics, not cutting it or simply oil bath. One day I asked my mother-in-law and she told me that to make grow her hair insanely during summer she used to put a small quantity of castor oil (= ricin oil) onto her roots before tanning at the swimming pool. She explained me that because of the sun that make your scalp sweat, the oil penetrate much better and it happens to be much more efficient. As you probably already know castor oil has a rude consistency (really sticky) and it is not easy to incorporate this oil into your everyday DIY hair masks so having to put it when your hair is wet and probably attached or braided it’s a real benediction, trust me!

PS: Another beauty hack from Lebanon also related to tanning: They are using as a sunscreen Johnson & Johnson baby oil. I tried it, it works wonder plus the smell is amazing!


N°2: INDIA (Skin hack)

This beauty hack I get it from one of favorite youtuber of all time Canadian/Indian “Farahdhukai” she is known on youtube because of her endless voluminous hair and her DIYs on hair care and skincare. But one particularly caught my eyes because I had no idea that It could work… If you have occasional pimple problems then Farah is advising us in one of her video to gently rub a piece of fresh garlic onto your pimples before going to bed. It will make them disappear overnight. I personally learned so much about skin, nails and hair looking at her videos. I highly recommend you her channel. Indian women have a real expertise in beauty related subject in general as they live in a country with a hot and humide climate where taking care of your hair is something that you get introduced by your mother or any other female member of your family at an early age. When in France at age 5 my mother taught me how to use a conditionner and how to make a braid in other part of the world they are taught to use oils on their hairs several hours in a day twice a week.

N°3: MOROCCO (Face hack)

N°4: RUSSIA (Face & body hack)

Russian women are known to be beauty savvy and trust me it’s true! But what you don’t know is that they are crazy about natural products & recipes. For example Vkontakte (Russian version of Facebook) is saturated with skincare & hair care DIY since its creation. They take care of their entire body doing 3 simple things: First, they are always taking the stairs instead of elevators because it’s usually broke down, then twice a week they are going to banya (russian sauna) where someone hit them vigorously with white birch, oak or eucalyptus branches because it improves the blood circulation in general. Last but not least before doing a face mask at home or at the salon they put their face over a bowl of steaming water during 10 minutes so that all their pores open. What you need to know if you want to try this method at home is that you have to use a small towel that you will put between your face and the bowl in order for the steam to stay on your face and don’t forget to place your face 25-30cm from the bowl so you won’t burn your face, then I strongly recommend you to put some essential oils into the bowl like 1 tea spoon of calendula flowers and 1 tea spoon of camomille flowers for about 720ml of water.

Ps: I will dedicate one entire article to all different steaming baths you can do at home depending on your skin types. 


N°5: BRAZIL (Nail hack)

If you are following a Brazilian beauty guru like Camilla Coelho, you know that a women with no manicure/ nails in bad conditions can’t be Brazilian. They have so many different techniques for nail care. First before having their nails done at the beauty salon they put their hands into a sort of plastic glove filled with hydrating cream & all types of oils that I have no clue about. It can be done at home or at the salon but It had to stay for about 15 minutes and cut the tips. After that it’s nail painting time and again they use a special technique. Have you ever paid attention to the way they apply nail polish? It’s a total mess because compared to europeans and others they put nail polish all over the nail even on the skin around it. It get kind of messy but after cleaning the edges with polish remover and a Q-tip the result is amazing! It’s exactly the same technique for pedicures, but don’t be sad, there are so many products (dupes) in Europe that you can use (Sephora “Spa gloves”or Kiko brand).

Please if you have any questions or something you would like to add to my article leave me a message in the comment section.



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